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Neighbor Mobilization

Supporting vibrant neighborhood based community groups and initiatives that identify and address key issues.

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The Listening Project

The Listening Project is an ongoing, “deep listening” exercise with area residents that helps Restore Alexandria:

  1. Capture and share our neighbors stories.
  2. Identify and  connect neighborhood assets, local leadership, and promising ideas for addressing community challenges.

These connections will create web of community action and interdependence that will lead to stronger communities.

What We Do

Our project uses listening booths, listening circles and one-hour interviews that let neighbors express their thoughts and ideas, concerns, suggestions, and stories to an active listener. When then conduct Listening “ Dream Circles”, where previously interviewed residents gather together to further discuss identified topics of interest. We are also strategizing ways to share captured stories through events, media, and art.


What Can You Do
  1. Be trained by Restore Alexandria as a Listening Project volunteer.
  2. Conduct Listening interviews with us in the neighborhood.
  3. Conduct Listening “ Dream Circles”

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Other Resources

Block Party Manual*

Block Party Kit Reservation*

Neighboring Project Kit *

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The Neighboring Project

The Neighboring Project is an ongoing initiative of Restore Alexandria that purpose is to equip and encourage Christians in the city of Alexandria to be good neighbors and to connect with those that live around them one block at a time. We believe the project will be a  catalyst of citywide neighborliness. Our desire is to create bonds of trust and care between neighbors, house by house, block by block throughout the city. We believe that each neighborhood has what it needs to build trust, increase safety and raise the quality of life. Even more, we believe there is an inherent, and untapped, abundance of gifts, talents, and wisdom within each of our neighborhoods just waiting to be shared.

What We Do

We have produced Neighboring Project Kits (Release Date May 2017) that have a variety of resources that will inspire, empower, and equip you to be a better neighbor. We have also produced a City of Alexandria prayer guide (Release Date May 2017) that will help you pray for your neighborhood. In addition, we facilitate city wide neighborhood events a couple times a year to help you meet your neighbors.


What Can You Do
  1. Get a Neighboring Project Kit
  2. Pray for your neighbors
  3. Be a host for one of our city wide neighborhood events

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Restore Weekends

Every second Saturday of the month month, we gather neighbors, volunteers, and resources to serve the city during an  event that is called a Restore Saturday. Every month there is a robust selection of different types of projects range from one time opportunities to on going projects.  We do these projects in partnership with government, non-profit, and neighborhood partners.

What Can You Do

  1. Join us during a Restore Weekend
  2. Connect us with new projects
  3. Tell people about Restore Weekends
Some other ways we are engaging in community development:
Come join your neighbors at our monthly Arlandria and West End Peace and Prayer Walks. These hour long walks are designed to gather neighbors,  faith community members, civic organizations, police, and elected officials to show that we care about our community and what happens there. It is also a good place to meet neighbors and get connected with what is going on. As the saying goes: ” If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.
Restore House are safe and hospitable spaces serve as central neighborhood gathering spaces and hubs of community connection, programing, and transformation. Our prayer is that they will become know as places where hope overrides fear, community staves off isolation, and dignity is offered to all. These homes of houses will take on a different feel and look depending on the neighborhood it is placed. Possible activities and programs found at a house include: community-building activities, social services, individual development, job readiness workshops, volunteer engagement, after school and summer programing, and social enterprise. We are currently for property lease in the Arlandria-Chirilagua neighborhood for our first Restore House.
These micro-grants are designed to help launch resident led initiatives that result in greater civic engagement. Grants are restricted to Alexandria and applicants must have completed some training.

Whenever a neighborhood comes together in powerful and satisfying ways it is because two things have happened.  First, they have found out about each other’s gifts.  Second, they have made new connections based on these gifts.  It is the sum of these connections that “glues” a neighborhood together.

-John Mcknight