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Economic Development



Successful economic development in our neighborhoods will require viable employment opportunities, and job training for youth and adults, and the creation of locally owned and operated businesses.

Neighbors in Business:

Economic Development takes many forms. Here are some different ways that Restore Alexandria engages neighbors in our community and beyond.

Summer Jobs

Each summer, Restore Alexandria teams up with local churches and nonprofits to run various programs and projects around or city.  We invite teenagers and young adults to help make their community a better place by serving as staff  of those programs and projects. In addition to a pay check, they also receive mentoring, positive friendships, and valuable life experience.

Neighborhood Business Grants

Restore Alexandria provides small start-up grants to our neighbors who are trying to create small neighborhood based businesses. We also consider give grants to existing neighborhood businesses run by neighbors who are trying to expand operations.

Publications are spreading the word that there is indeed a direct correlation between the most jobs and the most wealth for the most people, and the density and diversity of local ownership per place. So if you want more jobs and more wealth for more people, focus on local ownership. It is that simple.

– Michelle Long