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The Restore House Network

Hubs of faithful neighborhood presence and hospitality

Restore House are safe and hospitable spaces serve as central neighborhood gathering spaces and hubs of community connection, programing, and transformation.

Our prayer is that they will become know as places where hope overrides fear, community staves off isolation, and dignity is offered to all.

These homes of houses will take on a different feel and look depending on the neighborhood it is placed. Possible activities and programs found at a house include: community-building activities, social services, individual development, job readiness workshops, volunteer engagement, after school and summer programing, and social enterprise.

Most will also provide housing for staff, fellows, and interns provide them the best possible situation to serve the people of the neighborhood.

We are currently negotiation a lease on a property in the Arlandria-Chirilagua neighborhood. We need about $300,000 dollars to cover the 3 year lease, cont , and the utilities. Please consider join us on this journey.

Current Houses in the Network:

Arlandria Commons

Arlandria Commons is the first property in the Restore House Network. Programming at Arlandria Commons will focus on:

  • Community Relationship Building
  • Racial and Socioeconomic Reconciliation
  • Development and Empowerment Programs
  • Emergency and Preventative Services
  • Community Collaborations

Arlandria Commons will also house the offices of Restore Alexandria and help us empower neighbors and strengthen communities throughout the City of Alexandria through our community, leadership, and economic development efforts.