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Listening Project

Often communities are developed by people outside of the community that bring in resources without taking into account the community itself. Christian Restore Alexandria is committed to listening to the our neighbors, and hearing their dreams, ideas and thoughts.


The Listening Project is an ongoing, “deep listening” exercise with area residents that helps Restore Alexandria identify the  resident and neighborhood assets, local leadership, and promising ideas for addressing community challenges. The primary goal of the Listening Project is to empower area residents in building a stronger, safer, and more vibrant neighborhood for themselves and for future generations.

What We Do

Our project uses listening booths, listening circles and one-hour interviews that let neighbors express their thoughts and ideas, concerns, suggestions, and stories to an active listener. There are three main ways to be involved.

  1. Be trained by Restore Alexandria as a Listening Project volunteer.
  2. Conduct Listening interviews with us in the neighborhood.
  3. Conduct Listening “ Dream Circles” (where previously interviewed residents gather together to further discuss identified topics of interest).

Upcoming Training:

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